Sarah has a BFA in Design from The School of Visual Arts in New York.

Before photography, she was a Creative Director in NYC and Sydney, Australia.

Sarah has delivered major campaigns for clients including Amazon, Starbucks, Pfizer, World Wildlife Fund & Vogue Australia.

A self-taught photographer, her diverse creative background, minimalistic approach, and use of nuance inform her imagery creation.

Sarah Treu's ultimate goal is to create inspiring work that is human & alive.

Interview with Sarah

What made you switch to photography during such a successful career in brand marketing?

I discovered my love for photography & production through my work for clients like "Vogue Australia". Being on set and working alongside talented photographers resonated deeply with me. I love the production aspect of bringing an image to life whether for an individual headshot or a large corporate advertising project. The unpredictability and teamwork it takes to bring a project to life are invigorating. Every day I learn something new and find ways to grow as an artist. I find it simply irresistible.

What inspired you to start your own studio?

Getting recognized as a photographer takes a lot of work and dedication. It's not easy. Having my own studio allows me to put in the time & focus needed to create work I am proud of.

Why do some clients choose you over larger studios?

I am a unique type of photographer in the industry because of my previous work as a Creative Director.

My deep understanding of branding and marketing fuels my image making. That knowledge & experience gives me an incredibly agile approach to photography–which everyone really needs these days.

I'm able to run solo on jobs when the budget doesn't have room for an Art Director, Food Stylist, Makeup Artist etc.. Alternately, I thrive working in team settings. I love working with creative directors to bring their vision to life. I get where they are coming from and what they need to accomplish, essentially we speak the same language.

I keep my studio small and my index large so I can quickly bring in people for larger projects as needed. There is a real attitude of camaraderie in the people I know in the industry. We are always willing to help each other, think outside of the box, make recommendations which all leads to some really brilliant & unexpected results.

Combined all of that with my desire to shoot timeless images – my studio packs a powerful punch.